Carlos Nino special interview – english ver.

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Carlos Nino


Special Interview

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Version : JAPANESE

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Translated by Hashim Bharoocha

Interview by Funnel

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2014.07.16 RELEASE

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– We heard that you played various instruments to create sound collages
on this record.
What instruments and processes did you use to create
the sounds on this record?

CN(Carlos Nino): I play various keyboards, including Yamaha SK15,
Moog Opus 3, and Casio SK-1. I also sample sessions by my live
ensembles, that I play a variety of instruments in, and effect the
sections in various ways with reverbs, delays, distortion, and pitch
shifting through pedals and in Protools, layering sounds . . . My collection
of percussion, bells, bowls, shakers, pianos, and cymbals is one of my
main sources as well. I play them, effect them, layer, edit, EQ, pan –
like coloring or painting . . . I do the same thing with field recordings
I make in nature and the city – as well as my vocals . . .

– Did you send the materials you made to the collaborators, and have
them add to that? Was this record mostly made by you and the
individual collaborators working at home? Or were some songs
recorded in studios? And were there any new discoveries
recording these songs?

CN: This is the third Carlos Niño & Friends record and the process has
been the same for each. I make sound designs, melodic sketches, or
fully produced tracks and send them out to my fellow musicians and
producers. I tell them they can do anything they want and that I will
figure it out from there. In some cases people do very little,
in others a lot. Some times I take away what I originally sent and create
the pieces around what they did. About 90% of the recordings are done
in my home studio and theirs, with the other 10% being done in a studio
outside our homes.

I then mix everything in Protools. (A very basic version, 7.0 I think,
with an old Digi 002 that Daedelustaught me to use in 2004.)
The fun of making music this way is all the”new discoveries.”
(It feels like a meditation on Basquiat, who once spoke of  how
he creates,) paraphrase: mixing layers upon layers of sounds,
then taking away, editing, refining, adding more again,
emerging into the realm of the record . . .

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– You interviewed Iasos and Laraaji as in this youtube link. What did you
learn from speaking with them, and what do you feel in common with them?



CN: They are common in being colorful and true. They’re like Jimi Hendrix,
willing to be themselves and open to sharing their hearts and wisdom.
They’re both smilers, meditators and brilliant, clever intellects.
The Youtube excerpt was edited from a much longer conversation filmed
in Northern California . . .




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– You dedicated this album to Iasos, your mentor John Michael Daniel and
Nate Morgan.
How did John Michael Daniel and Nate Morgan influenceyour life?

CN: Aurorasmushroomtenderness is Dedicated to John Michael Daniel.

He was my best friend and also one of my Big Brothers. He was my Cosmic
Twin. We had a “Father Son – Son Father” bond, with both of us Teacher
and Student.He passed away in May 2013.

Nate Morgan who is featured on the record was one of my main Elder
collaborators. He was a giant. An Aquarian like John Michael Daniel
and I, we are all tall with lots of hair and intensity. Nate Morgan
passed in November 2013.

– Please explain what you were trying to express on the song
“We’re On An Adventure!”
by using John’s words in the song.

CN: That was an excerpt from a radio show that John and I did.

It’s about the grandness of Life and Love, and the Universe,
Omniverse, Consciousness . . .

John was such a powerful, improvisational speaker.

– You featured sitar player Paul Livingstone on the 6th song.
He has also participated in Build An Ark, but his sitar playing added
a beautiful dimension to this album.
What were you trying to express on this song?

CN: I sent him a sound design and he played on it. He’s a very soulful cat.

I knew right away that I wanted to keep it simple and precious, to pay tribute
to his teacher Ravi Shankar, and to have it showcase the Sitar in a unique way.
Without tabla, without a raga structure, etc.. I added more sounds and effects
and let it be mostly about his energy.


Paul Livingstone HP ☞ 『 』

– The song “Enter The Nowsophere Spaceways Radio Mix” had an incredible
energy to it.
Cut Chemist and Miguel are featured on this song as well as
others, but instead of clashing,
there is such a musical harmony in the song.
What kind of process did you go through to
bring together so many musicians
to create this song?


CN: The basis for this track was recorded during the sessions I was
producing for a Cut Chemist record in 2011. That record was never finished,
though some of the material has come out, and more of it will come out.

We were in the studio a lot during that time with a lot of musicians that
I brought in to play on his songs. Drummer Deantoni Parks was the first
up for my idea to record a layered improvisation of everyone that was
one the record.

The drums were excerpted from a 10 minute solo. I then had Cut Chemist add
MPC bass, then Farmer Dave Scher added lap steel guitar. We made a
rough mix with those 3 instruments and that sat for a while. I called Cut
Chemist months later and asked him if I could further develop the piece
and release it on my next Carlos Niño & Friends record and he agreed.

I then created soundscapes for it, added percussion, bass, synth strings,
and sculpted the arrangement of the song. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson added
his incredible string arrangement last, then I finished the mix. I called it a
Spaceways Radio Mix to distinguish it from a Cut Chemist mix that may
be made in the future . . .

 『Enter The Nowosphere SPACEWAYS RADIO MIX』 PV
Track – 7

– John Densmore from The Doors is featured on “Ribeted Cymbals The
but did you record this song at his house? Could you share any stories
from recording with him?

CN: John Densmore is a great man, and the drummer for my favorite Rock
band of all time! We recorded him at his house.

The main thing you hear of him on this track are cymbal swells,
so I named the track”Riveted Cymbals The Dawn” in tribute to his sound.
He’s been a guest on my radio show several times, and we have a wonderful rapport.

– As a DJ, you have introduced the world to so much wonderful music
and musicians.
What are you especially conscious of in the following?

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・Music and its relationship to your lifestyle

CN: Music is Life, Life is Music!
We are Musical Beings and our Life at
it’s best is High Vibrational!
I try to live as fully, Lovingly and  Joyously as I can,
tuning higher and higher all the time!

・Making music

CN: Making music is about listening and
being open. It’s everywhere, flowing,
growing, flying, crying, soaring, dreaming . . .
You feel the inspiration and apply your
craft. It’s important to focus and put your heart into it,
play by heart and be inspired, to make inspirational Music,
affirming life and communicating your Soul . . .


CN: DJing for me is all about sharing
and telling stories. I’m mainly a radio DJ
and uch as it is a way for me to connect with
and explore recorded music . . .

・Living life

CN: YES! Life is for Living!

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– By continuing to make and play music, what perspective has it given you?

CN: So much perspective. Music is all about perspectives. You see, hear,
sense, and feel things multi-dimensionally in Music. Everything is
ever changing and so we are constantly hearing new things, feeling deeper,
communicating and interacting with the elements, space and all our
relations from micro-organisms, insects, animals, the oceans and beyond . . .

– Do you have anybody that you would call your “teacher”?

CN: John Michael Daniel, Rosamonde Goulet (my Spiritual Mother who passed
in October 2013,) Khalil Gibran, Iasos, my Lady Gaby, my Mother Carla,
my Son Azul, my friends, family, and everything come to mind! We’re
all in this together and learn from everything. What we’re learning is
to be even more in tune with the infinite source of life within us.

It’s all happening, we just need to be guided to that awareness some times.
In this realm, while here in these beautiful human bodies, there’s a
process of disconnection from that awareness – we’re here to live it up
and “learn” our way higher and higher, back, forward, you know!

– Congratulations on making such a beautiful record.  Please write
a final comment about this record for your fans in Japan.

Thank you!

CN: To You my Japanese friends and family, Thank you! You are so
amazingly supportive and encouraging! I am truly grateful for
your Love! I’d like to acknowledge Dexter Story for being such
a close friend and collaborator, Hashim Bharoocha for his tireless
and Loving translation and project coordination, and Ernesto
Potdevin Jr. my Dear Cousin and Soul Brother! Big Hugs!

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Carlos Niño

Woodland Hills, California

May 19, 2014


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